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What's the Importance of Education in the Modern World?

We understand the title might not sound right to some. After all, the general belief is that education is extremely important and a must in today's world. So how can anyone even question its importance?

Well, as always, there seems to be many misconceptions about the importance of education. While everyone, ranging from the poor people living on streets to the ultra rich believes that education is a must in the modern world, many seem to be mistaking education for something that simply involves getting good grades.

A very detailed example explaining the current situation
Confused? Let us explain. Assume you're given a book that has a lot of highly complicated and extremely difficult-to-understand information about the planets of our solar system. Though you find it extremely boring, you try reading and understanding the information simply because you're told that you will be made to take a test and based on the results, offered a reward.

So you try your best to learn and remember as much as you can, and you perform well in the test. The reward you're given, however, is nothing but another book about planets, but the only difference is that it's even bigger and has more complicated information. You get extremely annoyed and wonder what's happening with you.

Well, let's just stop here. The above mentioned example seems to quite relevant with the current condition of the education system. Students are made to study things they have got nothing to do with, and it's very unlikely that they will ever have anything to do with them, unless they choose to build a career in that particular field, which again, is an extremely rare case scenario.

However, when students study hard, regardless of how irrelevant the subjects are, they get good grades. They then go to a higher class, where the same things are repeated, with the only difference being that there is an increased burden of doing well in terms of grades.

The point we are trying to make

Regardless of how weird the above information may sound, it does make a point. This is due to the fact that many seem to be having many misconceptions regarding what true education really is, and what it needs to focus on. As of now, it seems to be a source of vast information, which will be anything but useful for the students when it comes to going out in the real world and performing.

Sure, many students do get a very high-paying job, but it's probably only after they take up other much more practical educational courses such as an MBA, CFA, and so on. Those who don't have the required resources to enroll into such courses are usually left in a really worrying condition.

A final word
As a final word, let us mention that a true education system is probably far different than what most people think. With the right knowledge and understanding, however, the current situation may perhaps be changed for good.

Anand Mishra is a well-known name in the media industry, and aims to actively contribute in improving the quality of education throughout the world.

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